Class C purchases barometer - Construction industry

Download the first class C purchases barometer focusing on the construction industry and significantly reduce your hidden costs!

The only statistical tool in the market, this barometer provides a situational analysis of the management of class C purchases, also known as indirect or non-strategic purchases, specifically for use in the construction industry.

It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your organisation's maturity in this procurement category, as well as that of any market leaders and comparable companies.

This barometer includes the following:

Savin'side® - the class C purchases optimisation method

An analysis of class C purchases in the construction industry

A comparison of industry data with figures from best-in-class companies

An insight from Karima Brahmi, National Key Account Manager for the Construction Industry
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Manutan's class C purchases barometer, designed specifically for use in the construction industry, is based on the Savin'side® method.
Focused on reducing the total cost of ownership, this method enables companies to optimise their class C purchases.
By analysing the purchasing habits of 30 major French construction companies, Manutan reveals the main areas where the construction industry can optimise class C purchases.
This barometer can be accessed for free through the Manutan blog.
Other sectors will be analysed over the next few months, including the transport, automotive, energy, aviation, petrochemical and service industries.