A new generation of e-procurement: a Manutan and Ivalua solution

October 2nd, 2019
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In this interview, Pierre-Olivier Brial, Managing Director of the Manutan Group, looks back on his collaboration with Ivalua, which aims to turn the world of e-procurement on its head. Driven by their shared passion for user experience, the two companies have developed a new generation of e-procurement solutions: Search360.

Listening to Pierre-Olivier Brial, we are reminded that everything in e-procurement starts with a user sitting in front of their computer looking to buy a product. Providing them with the best possible experience means offering them a B2C website, in all its simplicity, with a wide range of bonus B2B features.

Looking to avoid the need for compromises that come with existing e-procurement solutions, such as hosted or punch-out catalogues, Manutan and Ivalua developed a hybrid solution based on API connections. Its name is Search360 and it combines the benefits of both existing e-procurement solutions, a centralised platform that streamlines research and quality content.

Ultimately, this sophisticated e-procurement solution addresses the issues faced by purchasing managers, financial managers and users through the comprehensive and optimum experience it provides.

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