The 3 benefits of a B2B e-commerce website with the functionalities of a P2P solution

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May 23th, 2017
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Manutan’s e-commerce website includes all the functionalities you would expect from a B2B purchasing solution, in an environment very close to that of B2C solutions. Using a website close to what we all use every day as individuals is a real driver of user adoption: all the familiar codes of B2C interaction are there. This makes the solution very easy to deploy, with zero installation cost, while instantly addressing companies’ digitization objectives.

Naturally, all the services essential to the successful management of indirect purchasing can be found at, with the key features of a complete procurement tool.

1.        A personalized account for each client company

All the customer’s details (sites, delivery addresses, contacts, etc.) are available on the platform via the customer account. This makes it possible to:

  • Register securely or be recognised automatically by means of access codes. Users can then select their delivery site from the list of registered sites, etc.
  • Apply negotiated contract conditions (discounts, fixed prices, delivery conditions, etc.) and provide access to exclusive products or, conversely, filter out certain products on request.
  • Comply with negotiated invoicing or delivery clauses, in just the same way as if the order was placed through another channel (fax, email, telephone, etc.).

Manutan now hosts customer-specific order validation processes. This makes it possible to define rules for easy validation of purchase requests based on users, order amounts or budgets. Roles can also be defined for each user, such as buyer or "validator".

2.        Estimate and order tracking tools

Manutan’s web platform provides tools for managing and tracking customer purchases, with functional coverage comparable to that of Procure-to-Pay applications:

  • Estimates are handled in 48h, with the ability to convert every estimate into an order at a click.
  • Order tracking is available for every user, as well as delivery tracking using a track&trace system.
  • Returns can be tracked, and processed partly or completely, whatever the reason, with replacement or reimbursement.
  • Reports on customer consumption can be generated for given periods.

3.        Solutions found on B2C websites

Three major examples of typical B2C functionalities:

  • An offering updated in real time, providing access to all the latest products and avoiding orders of obsolete items.
  • Real-time access to stock quantities, enabling precise delivery times to be guaranteed.
  • Support for purchasing lists.

Manutan’s website is now at the intersection between an e-commerce website and a P2P platform seamlessly integrated into our customers’ procurement systems! Customers benefit from the ease-of-use and efficiency of this hybrid platform.