30 days until the Procurement Conferences

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April 11th, 2017
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Every year, CDAF (French National Procurement Council) holds the Procurement Conferences, which serve as a forum for procurement professionals to discuss the underlying trends and the latest news in the procurement sector. The Issy-les-Moulineaux Conference Centre has been chosen as the venue for the 2017 event on 15 May. With only one month to go, we have decided to provide a detailed look at the programme.

Procurement Conferences: key figures

Basically, this event features 30 conferences and round-table discussions, 80 expert speakers and 850 participants to offer a greater insight into our environment, share best practices, draw inspiration from one another and brainstorm ways of addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

An action-packed programme

11:10 am to 12:20 pm
Plenary session on "360° view of procurement responsibility"
Five keynote speakers: Marc Sauvage, Natacha Tréhan, Pierre Pelouzet, Clara Gaymard, Corinne Cuisinier and Godefroy de Bentzmann

12:20 pm to 1:40 pm
Lunch (buffet)

1:40 pm to 2:40 pm
Part one of the "Cristals des Achats" ceremony
Awards are handed out in recognition of the year's best procurement practices

2:55 pm to 6:45 pm
Three workshop sessions (one hour each)

7 pm to 7:40 pm
Part two of the "Cristals des Achats" ceremony

7:40 pm to 8:30 pm
Dinner and drinks, and event closure

See you in a month's time for an event offering a wealth of information and several opportunities for networking!