Caring for your business and your environment

April 5th, 2022
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Nowadays, CSR is essential for companies to help protect the environment and to contribute towards building a resilient, sustainable and supportive economy that fights against inequality.

Corporate Social Responsibility is built on several pillars which together bring positive effects to the whole company, helping ensure its longevity. Opting for a sustainable procurement policy is a concrete first step of a CSR approach.

By working with committed suppliers, you will be able to choose more environmentally friendly products. By buying locally, you will play a role in shortening the supply chain, a huge source of carbon emissions. In the context of energy transition, reducing your carbon footprint should be one of your top priorities. Besides reducing production, recovery and recycling are also ways to optimise your waste management, a key element for an efficient CSR policy.

Committing to a CSR policy also requires you to care for your employees. By investing in quality working conditions, employee fulfillment and diversity, you will attract and retain talent, building an increasingly forward-thinking company.

Manutan can help build your company's sustainable future, supporting you with the implementation of a CSR policy that recognises the needs of the environment, your employees and your business.