Five good reasons to build a career in procurement

December 10th, 2019
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Whether you're looking for confirmation that you're on the right career track, interested in changing careers or trying to get your career off the ground — here are five good (or even excellent!) reasons to work in procurement.

1. Procurement professionals are in demand

Finding a job is unlikely to be a problem for procurement experts. According to the recruitment firm Robert Walters, procurement was the fourth most in-demand executive role in 2019 (after engineering, HR, and legal and tax professions). Specialities that will be particularly in demand in future include indirect purchasing and IT-related procurement.

2. Procurement matters

Over the past 30 years and more, procurement has morphed from the simple tracking of supplies into a "cost-killer" and beyond—to the point that it is now regarded as a mainstay of business strategy. Procurement departments create value, seek innovation and build strategic partnerships. The fact that they are responsible for 60% of turnover on average in European companies demonstrates their importance, which is confirmed by the growing number of purchasing directors who are members of their company's Executive Committee or Board of Management.

3. Procurement is well paid

As is the case for any profession, the exact figures depend on many different factors (level of experience, educational background, sector of industry etc.). Nevertheless, salaries for procurement professionals are definitely heading in the right direction. For reference purposes, here are the average annual salaries for procurement professionals in France (estimated figures):

4. Procurement takes you places

Globalisation means that procurement professionals now often find themselves working with suppliers from all four corners of the world. They must travel to different countries to attend meetings, negotiate contracts, visit factories and much more. Moreover, with procurement professionals in such high demand (as explained above), it will soon become increasingly common for home-grown talent to be exported.

5. Procurement makes a difference

Last but not least, and particularly in view of the current emphasis on CSR[2], procurement professionals can have a significant impact on the surrounding world by making responsible purchasing decisions. For example, they can choose goods and services sourced from socially and environmentally responsible providers. If these decisions are consistent with the strategy pursued by the company as a whole, the opportunity to make a difference is huge.

Have we convinced you that procurement is a rewarding career with prospects?

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[2] Corporate social responsibility