Procure to Pay: 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant Positioning

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July 26th, 2018
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Procure to Pay is a strategic priority for businesses across the world, regardless of their size or activity. This subject has not been discussed for several years. However, study after study has shown that identifying the most suitable e-procurement strategy remains a challenge for numerous purchasing departments, in addition to the solution behind it. As a result, the publication of the 2018 Gartner positionings is well-timed, offering several solutions to consolidate the selection of a technological partner. The Magic Quadrant identifies four particularly interesting software publishers from among around fifteen of the Procure to Pay solutions examined.      

Coupa Software: Starting from the user's point of view

Gartner identified Coupa Software as a spend management specialist. Since its creation in 2006, this software publisher has been focusing on problems related to actual use, building its success on a detailed understanding of user requirements. In line with this approach, the Coupa Software Procure to Pay solution obtained its best scores in all criteria directed towards improved purchasing management, both in terms of economic optimisation and uncovering opportunities. In particular, Gartner highlights visibility across all purchases, compliance with requirements and the company's assistance with predicting needs.

Basware: Capitalising on an exceptional customer relationship

For over 30 years, Basware has been committed to optimising and dematerialising the buying process. A highly international company with sales and consultancy teams close to businesses and across all markets, Basware can rely on a strong and well-maintained relationship with its customers. Unsurprisingly, Basware obtained its best scores in functional coverage, which allows it to offer accurate and comprehensive responses to a very wide range of requirements, using a verticalisation strategy for its offers. The Basware platform is designed to be easily integrated into complex information systems and is a solution that can be used with other ecosystems. This is one of its most significant assets in the context of the global digital transformation of businesses.  

Jaggaer: Segmenting its offer to better specify its analysis tools

Gartner teams recognised the exceptional analytical capabilities of Jaggaer's Procure to Pay platform. Highly oriented towards Big Data, the solution is based on thoroughly integrating suppliers to offer advanced intelligence and credible perspectives towards Source to Pay. Jaggaer's advances in the complete procurement cycle are based on its strategic choice to offer a suite of specialist solutions for every industry. Given that each line of business is faced with specific challenges, Jaggaer takes a different approach to industry, transport, distribution and the public sector.  

SynerTrade: Prioritising ease of use and user experience

Gartner recognised the ease of use of SynerTrade's solution. A more recent arrival on the Procure to Pay platform market, SynerTrade is something of a "millennial" solution. The major advantage of the solution is its simplicity and universal nature. Focused on actual use and listening carefully to customer feedback, user experience constitutes the strategic approach to the SaaS platform.     

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