SAP Ariba Recognizes European Companies Who # MakeProcurementAwesome

SAP Ariba Live Manutan Make Procurement Awesome Awards
June 22th, 2017
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SAP Ariba Live, the world's leading B2B commerce event, was held in Prague on 14 June. SAP Ariba bestowed its #MakeProcurementAwesome awards on four companies simplifying commercial procurement in Europe by driving the digital transformation of their processes.


“Technology is transforming business and every process that touches it, and nowhere is this more evident than procurement,” said Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Ariba, “No longer a tactical function focused simply on savings and efficiencies, procurement is a strategic initiative that is fueling innovation and broad value.”

Designed to recognize organizations who are driving this transformation and increasing the impact of procurement on business, the SAP Ariba #MakeProcurementAwesome awards were presented to:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Manutan
  • Nedbank
  • BASF

“These five companies are embracing digital technologies and strategies to connect and collaborate in new ways that are not only creating opportunities and advantage for their organizations today, but preparing them for tomorrow,” Atzberger said. “And this makes them, and procurement, awesome.”

Simple, streamlined and effective collaboration

“eCommerce used to be a novelty. Today, it is the reality of the way companies do business,” said Xavier Laurent, Director Value Added Services, Manutan . “In order to effectively engage with our customers and create the unique experiences they expect from us, we need a robust online channel and collaborative process through which we can deliver solutions and support on a round-the-clock, global basis.”

With SAP Ariba, companies have access to a comprehensive range of digital solutions that enable it to do just this.

"Ariba and our company complement each other. They help us manage the entire order placement process intelligently. We load our catalogues with them, and they manage the whole ordering and invoicing process. We keep the relationship with our customers, who can benefit from all our value-added services, such as product advice, streamlined supplier portfolios, supply chain overhauls, supplies with vending machines and special delivery requirements," adds Xavier Laurent.

And this has translated into measurable results, including:

  • Improved order accuracy
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Faster payments

"What we really like about Ariba is how they act as a partner with their suppliers and not only their customers. Therefore, we have sales and technical contacts who enable us to be extremely fast when implementing such solutions as Punch-Out. For existing Ariba customers, our entire product range is available almost immediately in their own procurement environment," he concludes.

Digital transformation and customer experiences were the hot topics at SAP Ariba Live. If you missed the event, you can always take part in the catch-up webinar on 28 June: James Marland, Vice President at SAP Ariba, will give you the insights into digitally transforming your company. Register!