TDA2020: The projects and procurement decision-makers in the spotlight

Trophées Décision Achats
September 24th, 2020
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The Décision Achats/CNA Awards, which were postponed due to the health crisis, were held in Paris on 15 September. Understandably, the event was adapted to comply with the necessary health and safety measures, including reduced staffing, social distancing and mandatory face masks. However, despite the unusual arrangements, the awards ceremony was still fulfilling. Discover the key players and projects showcased in the 12th edition of the awards.

The "Procurement Decision-Maker 2020" award

1. Christophe Jan, CPO at Orange France, has a successful track record at France Télécom and Orange, where he has spent the majority of his career. From the R&D laboratory at France Télécom, he became Head of the Operation Support Department in Belgium, and then CEO in Réunion. At Orange, he incorporated administration operations, became "Senior VP — Performance, quality & customer satisfaction", then Head of Group International Business Development followed by Chief Procurement Officer for France. For Christophe, procurement departments are key to gaining a comprehensive insight into the company as a whole.

2. Sonia Martin, Procurement Director for the Regional Council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, loves a challenge. After building her career as a buyer in the private sector for over twenty years, she decided to join an organisation where it was necessary to start from scratch, and she began by setting up a procurement department.

3. Christophe Gourlay, CPO at Alstom, has a comprehensive insight into procurement and suppliers. After having held various positions at Alstom, most of which were abroad, he became Chief Purchasing Officer two years ago. He now has two main goals: to better support suppliers and to set up supplier pools in countries that are strategic to the company.

The "Procurement Agility" award 

1. With the help of its users, Société Générale has developed a unique, digitised procurement platform based on agile methodology. The project's objective is twofold: to improve both user satisfaction and the user experience. And that's exactly what they've done: The time taken to process purchases has decreased, data processing has increased and agile methodology has been adopted.

2. AIDES has set up a procurement platform for prevention products and has entrusted an External Service Provider (ESP) with the logistics. This has helped the organisation streamline its purchases and make significant savings thanks to centralisation and volume negotiation.

3. GSK has introduced a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to manage its external workforce. Since its launch, more than 130 suppliers have joined the programme, representing nearly 500 outsourced workers.

The "Innovation" award

1. A major challenge for Naval Group has been to consolidate its network and develop its long-term relationships with critical suppliers. To help achieve these objectives, the company has introduced an arsenal of solutions, from drawing up road maps to setting up a naval industry campus with certified training etc. — a great initiative for ensuring the future of strategic technological sectors.

2. Safran has optimised its travel budget and reduced the associated carbon footprint, thanks to the start-up Hubtobee. Together, they have set up a shared travel calendar to connect the Group's office-based employees with travelling colleagues. The tool has been rolled out to 45,000 employees and is already being used by 40% of employees.

3. The Union des Hôpitaux pour les Achats (union of hospitals for procurement — UniHA), a central purchasing group, has collaborated with Hospices Civils de Lyon (Lyon university hospital) to prevent perioperative hypothermia and to improve patient comfort. To do this, they commissioned a supplier to implement a global solution (supply of materials, consumables and associated services), the remuneration for which varies depending on the extent to which the clinical objective has been achieved.

The "CSR" award

1° Total has helped its suppliers that are Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) to become Mid-Market Businesses (MMBs). To help achieve this, the multinational company has established a programme called "Total Pool SMB", open to ten SMBs carefully selected each year. The programme includes management training, building relationships, and international support.

2° Sodexo has supported the development of supportive local bakery "Pain & Partage". Thanks to the strength of their partnership, which goes back almost 17 years, the bakery is now 100% organic and the collaboration is set to continue expanding to other regions.

3. EDF is upcycling its workwear. The energy leader has entrusted a local SMB to upcycle its workwear, an innovative solution that increases the value of clothing, and reduces waste and CO2 emissions.

The Jury award

1. Com Media, a non-profit organisation focused on communication, has accelerated payments for its SMB, Very Small Business (VSB) and artisan suppliers during the health crisis. This fantastic initiative of economic solidarity demonstrates the extent of the finance department's dedication.

The "Young Buyers" award

1. Franck Sudriez (CentraleSupélec) for his essay on "Accelerating procurement competitiveness through digitisation".

2. Florian Tue (CentraleSupélec): "How to optimise supplier data to better contribute towards financial performance".

3. Damien Motte (ISC Business School): "The strategic role of the procurement department: Boosting company performance".

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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