Why choose Manutan own-brand products?

October 30th, 2018
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It's been almost three years since the Manutan Group first launched its own-brand products. By offering high-quality and good-value daily essentials, Manutan has made it possible for companies to make significant savings. "By your side, every day!": that's Manutan's goal.

Manutan own-brand products offer an alternative to the big brands

"Our customers' demands inspired us to come up with the Manutan own brand, which focuses on three key commitments", says Léa Maurand, Manutan's Own-Brand Label Manager.

-      Daily essentials: We've carefully selected over 3,500 products to meet your daily needs. The brand's range includes seven product Categories (Office, Warehouse, Industrial supplies and tools, Packaging, Safety, Outside areas and Hygiene). The products we offer are also regularly updated, based on customer demands or market analyses by our experts, for example.

-     Quality first: All Manutan products come with a 10-year guarantee (3 years for consumables) — an unprecedented commitment in the own-brand market.

-     Competitive prices: The Manutan brand offers great value for your money, with a 20% saving on average compared to the big brands.

What do the professionals think?

Our customer surveys highlight our buyers' satisfaction with the Manutan brand, especially our product quality. 96% of customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with Manutan own-brand products.

Two types of feedback stand out among the rest:

"The quality of Manutan own-brand products is better than typical own-brand retailers."

"Retailer-branded products offer the same quality as well-known brands."

What we do know is that almost 43% of our customers buy Manutan own-brand products. So why not take a look at our website and see if you can reduce your acquisition costs and optimise your purchases?