SDA trials personalised deliveries

Manutan truck to illustrate trials personalised deliveries by SDA
November 22th, 2016
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With the aim of improving its logistics processes, SDA, a Paris Aeroport and Lagardère Travel Retail joint-venture specialising in airport distribution services, has implemented the new personalised delivery service from Manutan. This solution focuses on customers within a given local catchment area and is therefore intended for all companies based in the Val-d’Oise, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne departments. Delphine Deheunynck*, Trade Back Office Manager at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, opted for this service (called "Roissy Proximité"). She goes into detail about the project...

Transport truck seen from behind with Manutan contact details displayed

Why did you decide to set up the personalised delivery service at SDA?

We did not have any particular problems. The standard delivery service was working well with Manutan and deliveries were made every 48 or 72 hours depending on stock availability.

Because we order over 100 products on average from Manutan every month, the old process was causing heavy truck traffic and constantly tying up the logistics teams. The personalised delivery service now means that we can improve our replenishment system while offering a global order tracking system.


How does it actually work?

It is very simple: my back office team and the logistics and maintenance teams place an order whenever required. Then all the goods are delivered every Monday morning to our warehouse with a pre-identified Manutan truck and delivery driver.

Obviously, we sometimes have urgent requests that cannot wait until the following Monday, in which case we simply state that the order is urgent and an exceptional delivery is made.

Furthermore, we particularly like how the sales team is organised, since we can contact a given person according to our needs. For product requests, quotations, and so on, I contact inside sales rep Antoine Enfer, and for any technical enquiries (especially concerning the e-business tools), I call project manager Jessie Afriat. For all contract-related enquiries, I contact key account manager Franck de Saint-Paul. This trio ultimately covers all our everyday needs.

What are the main advantages of this service?

I would say that there are two main benefits:

  • I have a clear insight into our consumption. The fact that there is a large quantity of products saves me time. For example, I normally receive a summary at the end of the week of everything that has been ordered and delivered the following Monday.
  • The warehouse and store teams can organise themselves more effectively. Since deliveries are anticipated and performed at a specified time, employees can adapt their activities accordingly. It also saves them time!

In closing, would you recommend this service to other companies?

It depends on the amount of products ordered. I think that this service creates true added value for companies ordering large quantities of products.

Launched in June, the personalised delivery service will soon be set up for a dozen companies in the north-east of Paris. This simple and effective bespoke solution improves the performance of our customers' logistics processes and enables them to increase their efficiency.

To find out more, contact Sofian Saadaoui, Regional Sales Director at Manutan,
on +33 (0)6 30 82 37 68 or by email at

*Delphine Deheunynck has been working at SDA for 15 years, a key account customer for Manutan. One year ago, she was appointed Trade Back Office Manager at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. Assisted by her nine-strong team, she delivers support to the 100 or so stores in Roissy Airport, plans the inventories, helps the outlet managers with their daily duties, and so on. To fulfil her responsibilities, she orders part of the products (especially office and warehouse supplies) from Manutan.