Successfully deploying a framework agreement

Successfully deploying a framework agreement
April 25th, 2016
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Combining forces remains the best guarantee of success when rolling out a framework agreement. These agreements are not always enforced, they need to be presented and promoted at each site and in each subsidiary as they can often disrupt existing relationships and contracts with local suppliers. Only a large, experienced and skilled sales force can accomplish this mission and support customers with their strategy to streamline purchases.

An on the ground approach is essential

After a framework agreement has been signed, the Manutan sales team springs into action. Their challenge is to get everyone covered by an agreement to implement and use it. "It’s a real challenge. One of our jobs is to support our customers by helping ensure that end users are aware of and can use the agreement" explains Nour Mejri, National Sales Manager at Manutan. "We do a lot of groundwork explaining both the challenges of streamlining the purchasing process as well as how a Group like Manutan can bring value when compared with a local supplier. Users are often tempted to stay with local suppliers that they’ve developed close relationships with" adds Nour. The real challenge is to engage every stakeholder at the company in the deployment of the framework agreement.

Careful and regular monitoring

One of the most important things is to not underestimate the importance of tracking the agreement’s deployment while at the same time almost continually fine-tuning actions to better suit the customer's needs. Coordination is a critical success factor because it helps ensure we are all working together. "We’re constantly listening to customers and tweaking our actions in response to their feedback" advises Nour, "this helps build and maintain relationships based on trust. Our relationship strategy enables us to provide the most appropriate solutions and as a result our customers are able to fully engage in the process of streamlining their purchases."