Optimising logistics with industrial vending machines

September 11th, 2018
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According to experts, the global industrial vending machine market is expected to double by 2025, reaching a value of up to 1430 million dollars. Indeed, industrial vending machines are becoming increasingly popular in industrial businesses. This is because these solutions meet both the productivity and safety needs of employees. 

Why industrial vending machines ?

Making products available to users is an essential step, but one which is rarely considered a priority in comparison to delivery and storage processes.

However, there are many advantages:

  • 24/7 product availability, 365 days a year
  • Reduced consumption
  • Employees spend less time moving around
  • Optimised restocking
  • Improved safety, etc.

Lastly, industrial vending machines reduce costs for businesses and increase their productivity.

"The aim of these industrial vending machines is to provide users with the right product at the right time, for the intended use." explains Xavier Laurent, Director of Value-Added Services.

Typical example for a Production Manager

Find out more about how these vending machines work and how employees can access the products through a fun video and customer case study:

  • What types of products can be provided in these machines?
  • How is stock managed?
  • What are the financial benefits?
  • What is the process behind setting up this solution?
  • How can you monitor the progress of this type of project?

Find all the answers to your questions in the video.

*24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year