| August 18th, 2017

3D and Augmented reality : Manutan in the heart of new digital trends

In March Manutan presented 2 new features on the mobile App: 3D and Augmented Reality.Let’s take a closer look at these functions!

  • 3D Visualisation: From the app and the desktop website, customers can now manipulate and examine more than 200 products from all angles
  • Augmented Reality: This feature enables our customers to visualise a product in their own environment without having to measure dimensions.  From the product page, the app uses the smartphone camera to display the object in its future location.  The user can then easily move it to the desired location, the scale adapting instantly!  Plus, it is also possible to take a picture and send to a colleague for advice or validation.

Come and test 3D and Augmented Reality for yourself : HERE

The Digital team works continuously to optimise the customer journey on the Manutan Webshop and on the Manutal app.  Augmented Reality is no exception!  On 31st July users tested these latest innovations in order to optimise them.  Come back to Manutan.fr soon for an even more fluid and intuitive experience!


Did You Know?  In order to model a 3D product, 80 cameras take simultaneous photos, then the images are collected and merged by a computer program.

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