E-cat vs. PunchOut: what are the differences?

January 12th, 2017
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More and more companies are interested in implementing an e-procurement solution to gain a competitive advantage. One of the key features with this process is that it provides electronic access to the product range, especially through an electronic catalogue which is the most widely used tool. However, two major types of catalogue are present in the e-procurement world: hosted catalogues (e-cat) and PunchOut. How do you know which solution is best suited to your company? How does each solution work? Check out the infographic for the answer.

Negotiated products are proposed through the catalogues that are available in the e-procurement solution and which can be accessed directly via the solution's search engine. These catalogues incorporate a description of the products and the contractual terms and conditions (price, dimensions, manufacturer, etc.). There are two types of catalogue, and little is often known about their differences and implementation:

  • Hosted catalogues are archived in the P2P system of the customer or the service provider (marketplaces).
  • PunchOut is available by means of an interface between the customer's e-procurement solution and the supplier's website

Diagram illustrating the differences between E-cat and PunchOut.