A sales trio clearly committed to our customers

November 29th, 2016
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In an effort to fulfil all our customers' needs, Manutan is setting up an innovative three-person sales organisation. A key account manager, an inside sales rep and a value-added services project manager are joining forces to form a team of experts dedicated to each customer. Every day, they help companies streamline their purchases and improve their various projects.

Everyone within this three-member team has a clearly defined role to deliver superior customer service:

  • The Key Account Manager is responsible for negotiating, overseeing the relationship with the customer and managing the contract.
  • The Inside Sales Rep deploys the contract and coordinates the after-sales relationship with users.
  • The Project Manager provides customers with solutions tailored to their needs and manages projects (e-procurement, smart reporting, and so on).

Now we are handing over to Sévérine Gapaix (Key Account Manager), Ariston Diaby (Inside Sales Rep) and Jérémie Chauvin (Value-Added Services Project Manager) so that they can explain their duties on video.