Five key stages in transforming a procurement organisation

February 28th, 2018
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 Diagram containing five key stages in transforming a procurement organisation. 

Crop and Co, a leading procurement consultancy, has unveiled an infographic featuring the five key stages for successfully transforming a procurement organisation: establish the same vision, build a joint project, adopt a methodological and reasonable approach, organise communication and control procurement.

1. Establish the same vision

Most of the time, each project stakeholder has a clear opinion about the current situation and the changes that are required. Senior management, finance, operations, procurement… points of view may diverge, but they dovetail together! Crop and Co's advice: organise a seminar to talk about the procurement function, its performance and its needs.

2. Define the same ambition

In an effort to empower all the teams, it is important to establish a clear roadmap detailing the project objectives and the various deadlines.

3. Convince with quick wins

By following the roadmap to the letter, the initial objectives should be achieved. These little quick wins show that the transformation project is working and will garner greater support from the teams.

4. Organise communication

The transformation project must be accompanied by a communication plan targeting internal stakeholders (employees) and external stakeholders (suppliers). Manutan's advice: ask your communication department for a helping hand!

5. Control and measure

The last stage in the transformation project involves setting up a team to oversee the procurement organisation according to the predefined roadmap. The winning formula is to measure and inform in order to continually improve process performance.