Héloïse Guignard

Product manager
Casal Sport

Supporting employee development is one of the pillars of the Manutan Group's strategy. Héloïse Guignard, product manager at Casal Sport, tells us about her development within the subsidiary specialising in sports equipment.

Tell us about your career path at Casal Sport...

In 2019, I joined Casal Sport as an assistant product manager, as part of my end-of-studies internship. Six months later, I was recruited as a product manager in charge of specific products that are not listed in our offer but that we source at customers’ request. 

One year later, it became a division in its own right and I changed scope. Today, I take care of a large variety of products (athletics, gymnastics, multi-sport, orienteering, climbing, urban mobility, etc.). During my studies, I always wanted to become a product manager in sport. Thanks to Casal Sport and the people who have put their trust in me, I’ve been able to fully achieve my goal!

How did your induction go?

I had the chance to discover all the company's departments on my induction course. I even shadowed salespeople in the field! It was very interesting, especially because as a product manager, you work with nearly all the business lines. 

Within offer marketing, there’s true team spirit and we help each other. Since I started, my colleagues have always been there to explain the business processes, strengthen my product knowledge and introduce me to the world of sport...  

Do you have an anecdote you’d like to share with us? 

When I arrived in the company, a major badminton tournament was organised. The pairs were chosen at random and my partner was none other than... Jean-Louis Coustenoble, the Managing Director at the time! We practised together and came up with the team name ‘Casa del Bad’. Then I understood that in this company, you find the same values as in sport: openness, equality and sharing. 

What would you like to add for people who are joining Casal Sport?

If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second! It’s a dynamic and versatile company, which adapts to its environment and whose core business is fascinating

The atmosphere is very pleasant. We are lucky enough to be able to play sports between noon and night and to share good times outside the organisation through afterworks...
It's simply a good place to work.

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