Imran Mokeddem

SEO Lead
Manutan France

Imran Mokeddem tells us about his career at Manutan France, from his arrival on a work/study programme to joining the company permanently as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Lead.

In January 2022, Imran Mokeddem joined Manutan France as a Traffic Manager on a study programme. After obtaining his Master's degree in Management and International Trade at the Université Paris-Est Créteil, he joined the company permanently as an SEO Lead at the age of 24.

Within the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) team, his goal is to optimise Manutan's visibility on search results pages. To achieve this, his main tasks are to “monitor Manutan's global strategy with objectives that have been defined beforehand, to implement improvements on both the technical and semantic aspects of the websites and to monitor the performance of all the subsidiaries within the Group,” he explains.

According to Imran Mokeddem, there are three essential qualities to succeed in this profession: Have an appetite for the ever-changing world of SEO. Be able to work in a team. Finally, to have the analytical ability to understand the results of our websites.”

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