Loïc Vandenberghe

Apprentice product manager
Casal Sport

Loïc Vandenberghe tells us about his year on a work/study program as an apprentice product manager at Casal Sport, the Manutan Group subsidiary specialising in sports equipment.

How did this work-study year go?

I joined Casal Sport as a work-study product manager last September as part of the Grande École programme at EM Strasbourg Business School. I was made very welcome by the Offer Marketing team and soon got to know all the staff. The product managers trained me on the software and explained the processes, so I was quickly up and running in my job.

Over time, my duties evolved. I had the opportunity to take on more complex tasks, with greater independence. I really enjoyed working on the listing of new products. This involves drafting product descriptions that take into account a multitude of criteria, highlight product advantages and customer benefits, and enhance product sheets as much as possible. It's very concrete and has a real impact on the company's sales.

What do you like in the work environment?

Our team has a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone gets on well and works in close collaboration. The whole team, including the product managers, the buyer, the e-merch and the data manager, senior product managers are always on hand to answer questions from younger staff. On a work-study programme, it's important to know that you have colleagues who will listen to you and want to help you move forward.

Do you have an anecdote to share with us? 

The day after I arrived, the whole company was taking part in a volleyball tournament. We were in the middle of an Indian summer, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly... It gave me a great insight into the mindset of the company.

Which values are particularly important to you?

I'd say ‘Technology and Data’. These are essential concepts to master in our business lines, starting today. This is also the case in my day-to-day work as a product manager, where I have access to large databases and have to analyse different types of data.

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