Tom Ramshaw

Director of Operations for the Tradespeople Division

Tom Ramshaw, Director of Operations for the Tradespeople Division of the Manutan Group, talks about his career in the company, in a video.

In 2006, Tom Ramshaw joined IronmongeryDirect, the English subsidiary specialising in the distribution of hardware products to tradespeople. He was rapidly promoted from order preparer to the position of warehouse manager, and then joined the supply chain and procurement teams. Since 2019, he has been Director of Operations for the Tradespeople Division, which includes IronmongeryDirect and ElectricalDirect, a specialist in the distribution of electrical supplies to tradespeople.

Throughout his career, Tom has been able to count on the support of the company and his colleagues to progress. He has been able to strengthen his academic skills with a cross-functional vision:Management advice, mentoring and coaching have enabled me to acquire skills that are not taught at school.”

Today, he especially likes the friendly atmosphere and mutual support that reign in the company. What’s more, his best memories remain the events he has shared with his colleagues: Christmas parties or summer barbecues! “There’s a true family spirit, even if we’re part of a much larger company (Manutan Group). There’s always a feeling of proximity and community in the teams here,” he emphasises.

The final word is aimed at future talent seeking new challenges: If you show effort and commitment, the possibilities are endless with your career development within the Manutan Group!” 

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