Samantha Cazaban

UX designer
Manutan Group

Samantha Cazaban, UX designer in the Manutan Group, tells us about her career at the heart of customer-centricity challenges, in this video.

Samantha Cazaban joined the Manutan Group e-commerce team in 2018. Responsible for optimising the user experience, she explains the different facets of her job: “I have a primary role, which is to design interfaces that are easy to understand, user-friendly and effective in helping users achieve their aims when they browse on the website. My secondary role, which is just as important, is to test these interfaces before publishing them online.” 

In her opinion, three qualities are essential in her job: listening, adaptation and humility. She adds: the most important thing is to stay humble and learn from your mistakes. You have to accept that you may get it wrong - it's a completely normal process.” This echoes the values that drive the company, because let’s remember that “at Manutan, we love challenging ourselves to always go a step further!”

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