Manutan Customer Event
Thursday, 15 November 2018

Will robots be the buyers of the future?
Anticipating and controlling the impact of technology on B2B purchases

The Manutan Group's European Centre

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The Manutan Customer Event held Thursday 15th November 2018 brought together 150 people from the procurement profession: Chief Procurement Officer, Purchasing Manager, Purchaser… Each year, this event allows the European procurement community to gather and discuss topical issues.

After last years' focus on hidden data resources, the third Customer Event looked at the digital transformation of procurement and the key ways to anticipate and control this change.

As it was very well received by the attendees, we would like to invite you to relive the experience through images taken at the event.

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Brigitte Auffret, Xavier Guichard and Pierre-Olivier Brial
The Group's Chief and Deputy Chief Executive Officers


Alexandre Cadain delivering a speech at Manutan Purshasing Day 2018

The intelligence renaissance or new horizons in technology

Alexandre Cadain, an Entrepreneur and art and technology enthusiast, is the Co-founder and CEO of ANIMA.

Alexandre Cadain tells the story of how augmented intelligence has evolved into what it is today, from Leonardo Da Vinci to IBM's Watson via Alan Turing and Star Trek. As he reminds us, artificial intelligence is not just used in computer sciences, but is also used as a social and political issue. 


Will robots be the buyers of the future?
Anticipating and controlling the impact of technology on BtoB purchases

The technological revolution will transform all professions, but will have a particular impact on procurement. These new powerful technologies will free buyers from low value-added tasks and allow them to secure, enhance and fully exploit data to ultimately implement strategies within their companies and optimise their performance. 

Customer testimonials

Christophe Wesolowski
Lagardère Travel Retail France

Hugues Soulié

Edward van Tuinen
Mediq Pays-Bas

Adam Hicks
Eriks UK

Pascal Negrevergne
Carglass® France

Dusan Vujovic
PostNord Suède


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Illustration of an android to represent the buyer of the future to know if he will be a robot

Will the buyer of future be a robot?

A person is in front of a transparent digital screen to illustrate the purchasing function by 2030

[VIDEO] In your opinion, how will procurement change between now and 2030?

Illustration of a computer and papers to represent digital transformation

Digital transformation: Cost reduction of up to 30% for procurement departments

Slate with chalk to illustrate the question of new skills for the purchasing function

What new skills are needed in procurement?

Illustration where it is written "trends" to represent the digitization of purchases

Digitalisation of purchases: just a fad or the real deal?

Procurement technology adoption infographic

[INFOGRAPHIC] The state of procurement technology in 2017-18

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