Manutan Projet d'offre publique d'achat simplifiée sur les actions Manutan International, initiée par Spring Holding


Holding company of the Manutan group, Manutan International is a public limited company with a Board of Directors. The Group complies with the recommendations of the Middlenext Corporate Governance Code. Find out about its governing bodies, their composition and their role.

Our General Management

The General Management manages the Company and act on behalf of the Company towards third parties. It exercises its powers in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Board of Directors as well as within the limits of the corporate purpose of the Company and subject to those expressly granted by law to Shareholders' Meetings and to the Board of Directors.

Three executive corporate officers oversee the Manutan group:

  • Xavier Guichard , Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Brigitte Auffret , Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Pierre-Olivier Brial , Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Our Board of Directors

Ten members (nine directors and one censor), including four independent directors, make up the Board of Directors responsible in particular for approving the Group's strategic orientations, overseeing and monitoring their implementation:

  • Jean-Pierre Guichard, Chairman (non-executive) 
  • Xavier Guichard, Chief Executive Officer, Director 
  • Brigitte Auffret, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director, Secretary General 
  • Pierre-Olivier Brial, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director 
  • Marie-Laure Cassé, Director-independent member
  • Jérôme Lescure, Director–independent member 
  • Sophie Resplandy-Bernard, Director–independent member 
  • Karine Viel, Director-independent member
  • Agnès Martins, Director representing the employees 
  • Benoîte Kneib, Censor (non voting Board member)

Our Committees

Our Committees assist the Board of Directors in its work and submit their opinions and recommendations to the Board.


Composed of two independent members, the Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the procedure for the preparation of financial information, the effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems:

  • Jérôme Lescure, Chairman
  • Sophie Resplandy-Bernard


Composed of two independent members, it assists the Board of Directors in the composition of the Company's management and control bodies, as well as in the determination and regular assessment of all the compensation and benefits of its executive directors and senior executives:

  • Sophie Resplandy-Bernard, Chairwoman
  • Jérôme Lescure 


Composed of five members, including two independent members one of which being the Chairwoman, it assists the Board of Directors in particular in the implementation and monitoring of the Group's CSR strategy:

  • Karine Viel, Chairwoman
  • Marie-Laure Cassé
  • Xavier Guichard
  • Brigitte Auffret
  • Pierre-Olivier Brial