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“Well-working”, the concept created by Manutan Group to boost employee satisfaction for peak performance

9 June 2021

Over the last decade, technology has radically changed the way we live and work. In a hyperconnected world where companies are trying to find the right balance between virtual and real interactions, they must adapt their management practices and focus on innovation to build their resilience. As we navigate through this digital era, a concept was created to meet new business challenges: “Well-working”.

It consists of putting employee wellbeing at the heart of the business strategy to drive their performance and positively impact their entire ecosystem, including relationships with partners and providers. This approach is becoming increasingly relevant, especially in times of crisis, when being resilient and flexible is essential for a company’s survival.

From deploying innovative solutions, to working smarter and increasing productivity, to providing ergonomic products that ensure a safe remote working environment, the “Well-working” approach has many benefits. To integrate it into a business strategy, organisations need to understand the overall impact of this concept on their performance and how it can be implemented. 

“Well-working” to enhance organisational culture

As a first step, companies should focus on building a strong organisational culture that will directly contribute to their success and overall health

Organisational culture does not only refer to a set of core values, but also includes the work environment, the goals, the attitudes and the practices that define a business. It relies on both its identity and its image and this has a direct impact on employees’ and clients’ perception. Therefore, spending time and effort considering how employees' needs can be supported and building a positive culture that will grow and thrive can create a strong competitive advantage

As business leaders have come to understand how important developing a strong company culture is to an organisation’s bottom line, it has become a greater focus, especially when considering their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With 59% of UK employees saying they are more likely to be engaged at work if their company participates in CSR and/or charity initiatives (Qualtrics, 2021), the opportunity should not be missed.

From the implementation of user-friendly spaces to employee development support, on-demand sourcing to meet customer expectations and deployment of open innovation with startups, "Well-working" is essential to the entire company’s ecosystem growth.

Ergonomics and quality of products play an important role in employee wellbeing but "Well-working" goes beyond that and aims at putting meaning back into work and valuing human relations above all.  

Embracing innovation to improve employee and customer satisfaction

Deploying the "well-working" concept also means leveraging innovation to improve customer and employee satisfaction. It is about listening to their needs and working towards high quality solutions and products that will help them save time and effort so that they can reach their full potential. 

To do so, companies should holistically support the well-being and development of their employees and make sure they provide a conducive work environment, whether their employees work from home or on site. Furthermore, they could also demonstrate their values through their choice of office and warehouse furniture. For example, if they select responsible products, employees might feel a stronger sense of ownership and be more engaged. 

Employees are the ones on the front line, connecting with customers and promoting the company they work for. When they feel valued and empowered, they become the best business ambassadors, and their passion and engagement for their work will flow into the way they interact with customers. Ultimately, satisfied customers will be more likely to share their positive experiences with their network, helping to improve the company’s reputation and generating new business opportunities.

Portrait Julie Dang TranIn a nutshell, “well-working” means that, while the world of work is ever-changing, putting people first and seizing the opportunities that come with innovation make it better and create a virtuous circle that will go a long way.

Julie Dang Tran, General Manager Manutan France