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Internal mobility: opportunities between local subsidiaries and Group departments

18 May 2021

Employee development is one of the cornerstones of the Manutan group. In this context, internal mobility is a widespread driver to reward talent and enable employees to find professional fulfilment. The company often uses mobility, even remotely for roles with a Group scope. Read the profiles of two employees, Dimitra Koutsochera and Peter Bastock, who have had this experience.

Dimitra Koutsochera, from an internship program to the Group Operations Quality Department

Seven years ago, I finished my graduate internship programme at Ironmongery Direct. I was then promoted to Stock Planning and Logistics Chain Manager before taking charge of the contact centre to eventually become Head of Supply and Customer Service in the Tradespeople Division.

While I was in discussions with my manager and human resources about my development opportunities, this position opened up. Naturally, I applied because I wanted to learn more about Group operations and more specifically about product quality and our no.1 customer commitment: “We always respect our promise to deliver". Today, I continue to work from the United Kingdom, with regular trips to the headquarters in France. I'm delighted to be able to work with colleagues from different subsidiaries while improving the experience for all our customers from an operational perspective.

In each role, I've been able to grow in both personal and professional terms and gain fulfilment from working hard while benefiting from the support of my teams and advice from my managers. I owe these opportunities to the Manutan group.


Peter Bastock, from a local scope to a Group vision

After having spent ten years in a variety of roles surrounding e-commerce at Manutan UK, I was approached within the framework of a reshuffle to become Group Webmaster. I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to learn new things and extend my vision of web operations at Group level.

This is how I began this new stage in my career, from the United Kingdom. I was able to count on a warm welcome and precious help from my new colleagues, especially my manager. My former managers also supported me a lot in this transition.

Today, I'm working with new people with very varied backgrounds who are from all over Europe and it's very refreshing. I also especially like the fact that part of my work consists in helping local webmasters, making their life easier and ensuring no work is done in duplicate – I liked doing it in the past and it's now in my roadmap! After six months in the role, I'm still as delighted: I like what I do and I feel like I'm making a difference and am really useful – which is very important to me. I can't wait to see what future surprises the Manutan adventure holds in store.


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