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optimise your long tail spend and boost your competitiveness with the Savin'side® solution

Created by the Manutan group, Savin'side® is a methodology developed by buyers for buyers to boost companies' competitiveness. It aims to optimise the total cost of ownership of long tail spend, which is too often saturated with hidden costs.

Discover the impact of hidden costs

The Savin'side® method

The 6 optimisation levers

Based on data analysis, a Lean approach, and an agile framework, Savin'side® reviews 6 main levers for savings to guarantee a tailored support.

Supplier rationalisation

Replacing certain suppliers with a preferred distributor

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A method based on continuous improvement

Approved by several hundred European companies, Savin’side® reduces the total cost of ownership of long tail spend by following an agile approach, structured in three phases:

1. Conducting an audit

Analysing your maturity in managing long tail spend, for each optimisation lever


2. Implementing an action plan

Estimating potential cost savings and implementing a tailored improvement plan


3. Monitoring and improvements

Assessing the savings that were made with quarterly reviews and setting up new objectives

Download our white paper

Long tail spend: 6 levers to optimise your strategy

In this free white paper, you will discover:

  • The main issues of long tail spend
  • All the details of the Savin'side® methodology
  • A client case study achieving over €120,000 in annual savings