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the solution for optimising your indirect spend and boosting your competitive advantage

Manutan’s tried and tested Savin'side® method identifies potential savings in non-recurring indirect spend:

  • Optimising procurement processes to reduce processing costs
  • Combining product purchases to reduce costs
  • Optimising the supply chain to boost productivity...
Discover how hidden costs impact your business

La méthode Savin'side®

6 levers to boost competitive advantage

The Savin'side® tool is based on the analysis of indirect purchasing data and the optimisation of six key drivers of competitive advantage. It provides global support and can be customised to meet individual needs.

Supplier rationalisation

Reducing the costs of supplier management

The Savin'side® method:
boost your competitive levers

Endorsed by almost 200 European companies, Savin'side®, helps drastically reduce the procurement costs included in the purchase of non-strategic products. Our method is based on a three-phase approach:

1. The Savin’side® diagnosis

Manutan analyses your performance against each of 6 competitive levers.


2. Implementation of an action plan

Estimation of potential savings and the creation of a tailored progress plan.


3. Monitoring and improvement

Evaluation of savings achieved through quarterly reports and the definition of new goals.