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all together

Whether you are a young graduate or an expert in your field, come and give full rein to your passion for innovation and trade in the Manutan Group. Here, a different kind of career awaits you ; a career made up of experiences, challenges and discoveries.


Let's do business for a better World

In the Manutan Group, we seek to give meaning to our activity by making it useful to all of the players in our ecosystem. We do so by drawing on values that help us to develop and progress together.

Let's inventthe e-commerce of tomorrow!

You will have the autonomy, advice, knowledge and tools you need in order to develop along with the company.
The resources to learn and to innovate will allow you to play your part in inventing the e-commerce of tomorrow, within a long-term vision of entrepreneurship.

Valuesin action

Keeping commitments, continuous improvement, the appetite for innovation and technology, and the friendly atmosphere are some of the values which motivate us in our everyday work. Not forgetting the excellence which we strive for in everything we do!

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