as ever

From the outset, André and Jean-Pierre Guichard saw independence as essential to the long-term, profitable development of the company. Thanks to this determination, which we have always upheld, we continue to make our own choices and to pursue a long-term vision that prioritises our core business and the expectations of our customers.

Adaptand innovate

Founded in 1966 on the basis of an innovative B2B distribution model in France – mail order – we displayed product prices in a catalogue for the first time on the market. We quickly began to expand internationally. Over the years, Manutan has adapted to changing circumstances to become a leading B2B e-commerce player in Europe, specialising in the distribution of equipment and supplies to businesses, local authorities and tradespeople.

A very strongcorporate culture

Placing people at the heart of its strategy, Manutan has always developed a friendly, caring and demanding working environment. We focus on the employee experience, both through workplace, equipments and through the accessibility of management and the rituals of formal and informal communication. But the employees themselves say it best: