Manutan Projet d'offre publique d'achat simplifiée sur les actions Manutan International, initiée par Spring Holding

Three directors
at the helm

Xavier Guichard , Group Chief Executive Officer 
Brigitte Auffret , Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Pierre-Olivier Brial , Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer

They form the General Management of Manutan, an independent family Group. Their unique and complementary personalities lead the company’s vision and promote the development of the business and its employees.

A large European


2,200 employees are dedicated to their jobs in our 27 subsidiaries, located in 17 European countries. We are also present in Africa, Asia and the Middle East via our export activities. 

Enterprise division
Local authorities division
Traders division

An organisation

with three divisions

The 'ENTERPRISE' division

We support all types of companies, from small businesses to multinationals. In addition to our general range, we have three specialist ranges and a service of collection and recovery: Rapid Racking (shelving and storage solutions), Ikaros Cleantech (environmental protection products) and Kruizinga (storage and handling equipment).


Manutan Collectivités (school furniture, educational and health equipment), Casal Sport (sports equipment) and Papeteries Pichon (school supplies) target all local authorities, from municipalities to regions and schools.

The 'TRADERS' division

IronmongeryDirect (hardware products) and ElectricalDirect (electrical supplies) target the British tradespeople market.