Discover Manutan's workspaces on a 360° virtual tour

What could be better than a virtual tour to discover our European headquarters? Open the doors of our campus, located in Gonesse (Val-d'Oise, France) which is designed like a village.
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In addition to offering an overview of our site which covers more than 13 hectares, this virtual tour enables you to explore every nook and cranny of our property in 3D views, which is even better than photos and videos! This interactive experience invites our applicants to imagine themselves in their future work environment, our customers to visit our cutting-edge logistics centre and our partners to gain familiarity with our ambitions for a better planet, a better society and a better business...

The site entrance and the visitors car park

Welcome to Manutan! This is where it all begins, on our European campus called 'DREDA' (which stands for ‘Roots and Wings' in French). Manutan's spirit is palpable from the site's entrance: a friendly welcome, wooden cladding, green spaces and a landscaped meadow... You'll discover the first French site to have obtained dual HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification for its office and logistics buildings. This is something that we're very proud of, which contributes to our goal of Net Zero GHG emissions across our business by 2050. 

Almost 750 employees rub shoulders here every day. Well, nearly, because we also promote hybrid working, with up to three days a week working from home. When our employees come together, that's when the magic happens! Together, they build the company's future, challenge each others' ideas and spend time sharing and discussing.

The office building

In this building, which extends over nearly 10,000 m2 and is spread over three floors, is where all the office-based teams are gathered: sales, marketing, customer relations, procurement, support functions, etc.

The company comes to life from the ground floor, with:

  • The amphitheatre which holds the monthly plenary meetings organised by the members of General Management, as well as other events that bring us together!

The Customer Relations teams also work in the office building, on the second floor. Every day they endeavour to create unique and personalised relationships with customers by meeting their expectations through real and sincere conversations, either by email, telephone, chat or social networks. It is from these exchanges that we transform our business into a model combining performance, sustainability and ethics.

To empower all our employees and make them positive contributors, we want to offer them the best possible working environment. Continue your 3D virtual tour by visiting each floor, where the teams have access to:

  • Open space offices to promote communication and togetherness;
  • Ergonomic equipment which contributes to ‘Well-working';
  • Relaxation spaces that enable everyone to take a break, share a coffee with their colleagues or follow the company's latest news broadcast on the screens;
  • Confidential spaces for privacy;
  • Coworking spaces to facilitate and encourage team working and brainstorming on different projects or presentations.

The Supply Chain building 1

A new step in your virtual tour: here we are at the heart of our distributor business, in our cutting-edge logistics centre! With 41,000 m2 in storage capacity, this warehouse has the most effective stock management tools. Together with our partners, we're moving towards less polluting and more sustainable, but just as effective, solutions for transporting and packaging our products! This is what makes our teams manage thousands of daily orders to guarantee our customers fast delivery throughout Europe. Every day, nearly eighty lorries transit through this building - can you imagine?

The Supply Chain building 2

To support our company's growth and the expansion of our product range, we've built an ultra-modernised extension in Manutan's image, on our logistics centre. With a surface area of 9,000 m², this building is dedicated to storage and the preparation of small products. The cherry on the cake: it's equipped with cutting-edge technology, the largest Autostore® installation in France! These are robots that convey the products to the operators. The latter then take over to complete the orders. A nice little anecdote: the ergonomic workstations which have been designed by and for employees enable them to prepare up to three orders simultaneously.

The Canteen

Every day, the employees meet in our canteen for sharing and togetherness which celebrates great food. Our Canteen's fully insourced organisation and philosophy are unique. It's a team of passionate employees run by a chef from a ‘bistronomy' background who cooks varied home-made and seasonal high-quality dishes with fresh and mainly local produce, for all their colleagues.

On the 360° tour of our site, take a glance in the Cafeteria, which is located behind the canteen dining room. This is a space for relaxation and conversation in a cosy atmosphere, over a drink and a snack.

The University

The University is a bit like our temple of knowledge. It aims to support each employee in his or her development and growth. It aims to promote the creation of a learning environment. We use this space to take a course, attend a conference, borrow a book from the media library or rehearse our latest compositions...

Thanks to the virtual tour, you can see:

  • The plastic arts room where a weekly workshop is run by a painter/artist. It's an opportunity for those who want to unwind and let their imagination and creativity run free.
  • The music room, which is fully soundproofed and equipped with instruments for the employees. For those who prefer to be behind a mic, a choir is run by a former Star Academy student who has taught singing for several decades.

The Sports Centre

It's easier to have a healthy mind and body when the gym isn't far away! Adjacent to the University, this space invites employees to draw inspiration from sport to play their part in progress and strengthen ties. See photos of the weight training gym, the multi-sports court, the climbing wall and the squash courts.

In terms of activities, there's something for everyone: fitness, badminton, football, zumba, pilates, yoga, table tennis, archery... But that's not all - there are also special events that bring this space to life: sports meetings, team building sessions, after-work sports activities, etc.

The employee car park

That's it, it's time to go home! In addition to public transport and personal bikes and cars, we want to promote sustainable mobility.

Therefore, the last stage of the 360° virtual tour of our site highlights the alternative transport solutions available to employees:

  • A free inter-company electric shuttle service between Manutan and Le Bourget station (the famous RER B trains and Tram 11 Express);
  • A free carpooling app to share commutes as well as make them profitable;
  • Free charging points available for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Would you also like to join the adventure? There's just one step from virtuality to reality! Check out our job opportunities now