Ethics and anti-corruption

Find out about the resources in place at Manutan in terms of preventing corruption. At Manutan, we put sincerity and responsibility at the heart of all our actions, in enterprising for a better World.

The Code of Conduct,

a reflection of Manutan's values

Going beyond its missions and commitments, and in accordance with the French anti-corruption measures stemming from the "Sapin II" law (Act n°2016-1691 of 9 December 2016), Manutan has chosen to lay down, in a formal Code, a set of rules of conduct that apply to all of the Group's Companies, Employees, Suppliers and Partners, in France and abroad. 

The Manutan's Code of Conduct aims to provide them with a frame of reference that will assist them in their professional activities, as well as combat corruption. 

It is designed to help them comply with the Group's values and seeks to promote exemplary behaviour in all circumstances, throughout the world. 

The Group's stakeholders (Suppliers, Intermediaries, Agents, etc.) are invited to adhere to the values and obligations defined in this Code. 

By doing so, we will protect our brand image and reputation in the marketplace. 

We are all concerned!

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The Ethics Committee,

your primary contact

The Ethics Committee – set up at the request of the members of Manutan's General Management in application of the "Sapin II" law (Act n°2016-1691 of 9 December 2016) – is the primary point of contact for all of the Group's Employees, Suppliers and Partners to help them both in the exercise of their own activities and in the prevention of corruption. 

The Manutan Ethics Committee is composed of four (4) permanent members: one member from Group General Management, the Human Resources Director, the Product Marketing Director and the Group Legal Director. 

If a member withdraws due to a conflict of interest, a deputy may be appointed by a majority vote of the three remaining permanent members, from among the following positions: Financial Director, CIO and Director of Manutan France. 

The mission of the Ethics Committee is to: 

  • Ensure that all of the Employees, Suppliers and Partners comply with the provisions of the Group's Code of Conduct which applies to everyone, everywhere in the world; 

  • Respond, as a reference authority, to their questions on the interpretation and/or application of the Group's Code of Conduct; 

  • To take up any question relating to the prevention of, and fight against, corruption; 

  • Record and analyse reports of any conducts or situations contrary to the law or to the Group's Code of Conduct that it may learn about directly or indirectly; 

  • Decide what action to take on alerts and warnings that are brought to its attention. 

The Ethics Committee can be convened at any time, and as often as necessary, to investigate and deal with any question, report or alert that might be brought to its attention. In any event, it will meet at least once (1) a year to review the activities of the past year. 

In accordance with the French anti-corruption regulations, the Ethics Committee and each of its members undertake to exercise their capacities in a strictly confidential manner. Any violation of this obligation may result in criminal prosecution. 


The reporting procedure

is open to you

Any questions, requests and/or reports of acts contrary to the Code of Conduct, to the law, or to applicable national or international regulations must be sent to the Manutan Group's Ethics Committee by e-mail at the following address:

The Ethics Committee and its members undertake to examine all such submissions with integrity and objectivity within a reasonable timeframe, which will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.