Behind what you see, there's what you can't see

We do an essential job for our customers because we provide them with the means to perfect and elevate their work, methods and organisations.

There’s also a whole part of our activity that's less visible, yet just as important: logistics, digital technology, consulting, sourcing... and so many other things.

In each business line, we develop innovative methods and principles of collaboration.  These principles set us apart and enable us to get ahead.

We love to create... and recreate

Since we were founded, we’ve constantly been reinventing the B2B distribution business. We design solutions that respond to our customers’ changing needs... and sometimes, we anticipate them. We rely on digital technology experts and agile collaborative methods.

We’re not afraid to dare. We love to take risks and adopt positions. We’re not about being neutral, but being bold.

We love digital technology. Very much !

Our e-commerce business brings together a whole community of passionate people. People who are passionate about innovation, tech geeks, digital fanatics... they invent new services and new customer experiences.

Our quality of life improves with the new ways of working that we’re able to invent.

We love collective intelligence

We believe in brainstorming and shared creation. Among and with others.

Depending on the project, you may have the opportunity to work with start-ups to seek and develop innovative solutions. We love ideas, wherever they come from.

We love utility, not futility

We want to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions or gadget ideas. We look for concrete and useful answers. We focus on creating high added-value services for our customers and teams.

We provide solutions that have a positive impact on work and life.