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For over 50 years now, Manutan has been reinventing the multi-channel distribution business, designing solutions that are increasingly relevant to the needs of its customers. Using digital technologies and agile collaborative methods that are open to all, we are more than ever ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow's e-commerce, with you on the team.

Digitalat our fingertips

Behind our e-commerce site, there is a whole community of innovation enthusiasts who have taken up the challenge of digital technology to create new services. Our quality of work life is improving in line with the new ways of working that we are able to invent.

Valuingcollective intelligence

We believe in co-creation and in the exchange of ideas. Agile methods are part of our way of working. From project to project, you may find yourself working with start-ups, in order to take things even further in terms of innovative solutions.

No gadgets,only solutions

At Manutan, just useful, concrete solutions that deliver high value-added services both to customers and employees. Digitisation is everyone's business, and for everyone’s benefit

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