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Looking into the future with confidence comes naturally at Manutan. The many initiatives proposed by Manutan University as well as internal mobility will give you the opportunity to become an active participant in your own development, finding your own path.

The Universitya place of learning and experimentation

Present in all our subsidiaries, Manutan University allows everyone understand and share the company's strategy, improve in their field by acquiring new skills and be more open with themselves and others. The University is also the place where we develop the same mindset and imagine the future. Enjoy our tailor-made cross-disciplinary training programmes to go further in your career.

A first steptowards the future

We give young talent a chance through internships and professional training contracts that are especially motivating and empowering. Being an intern in the Manutan Group doesn't mean fetching coffee or doing photocopying. It involves carrying out real assignments to allow everyone to reveal their potential.

And beyond:career paths

Our attentive, supportive managers are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to grow within the company. That is why we support you in your development in order to ensure your personal fulfilment, through a career that is right for you.

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