Corinne Martinez

Client Database Manager
Manutan Collectivites

Corinne Martinez, Client Database Manager at Manutan Collectivités, looks back over her 36-year career within the Manutan group.

How did you start out at Manutan?

I began my career at the Manutan France subsidiary in 1985 as a technical assistant to the IT purchases cell, in a Group role. I found that it was a company with human values, that listened to its employees, and was open to innovation. I have always particularly enjoyed the dialogue which senior management has encouraged in line with its commitments.

How did you develop your Group career?

Initially, I became a research manager in 2005; still with the Group. Then I joined Manutan Collectivités, the subsidiary specialising in school furniture and educational and health equipment, a few years later.

After over 10 years as research manager, I aspired to new roles. When Manutan Collectivités was reorganised, the position of client database manager was offered to me as I had in-depth technical knowledge of the subject. Although the managerial aspect was new to me, I definitely felt like rising to the challenge!

I now manage a small team of four people. Together, we enrich and qualify the client database, thus contributing directly towards enhancing and personalising client relations. We play a key role because client file management is vital nowadays, especially when it concerns distribution.

How have you been helped along the way?

I went on a Team Leader course to prepare myself for a management role. It is an in-house training programme, split into two periods of nine months each, which seeks to progressively take employees into management positions. On this course, we address both management and ongoing improvement, while having regular reviews with our manager and the human resources department. For me, the training course really provided an opportunity to spread my wings.

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