Flavie Deguisne

Events project manager
Manutan France

The Manutan Group promotes internal mobility as a key driver of employee development. Flavie Deguisne, events project manager at Manutan, talks about her career: from customer service to the export department, internal communications and events.

What has your journey at Manutan been like?

I joined the Manutan Group in 2003 for a temporary role in customer service, which became a full-time contract. After two years, I wanted to join an international environment to use my English. I had the opportunity to join the export department where I learnt on the job.

A little later, I wanted to join the communications department to discover another facet of the company. Once again, I was shown trust and supported in my approach. This step as an internal communications officer was key to my career. It enabled me to develop, get to know myself better and above all discover the world of events which was a true revelation.

Then, all the events assignments were centralised in in the employee services division. I naturally followed the momentum to become an events project manager. Today, I’ve found my path and am passionate about my job. 

What do you like in the work environment?

I like the simple interactions. Here, everyone talks to each other as equals and when I need information, I always obtain a quick and direct answer. These healthy conversations are all the more positive as in my role, I’m in contact with many employees from different backgrounds. In human terms, it’s very rewarding.

Which values are particularly important to you?

Without a doubt, I’d say benevolence and human relations. This perfectly reflects my career and who I am. It’s also thanks to the kindness of the people who have crossed my path that I am where I am today, and this is what I try to apply in my everyday relationships. 

What advice would you give to an applicant on how to find fulfilment at Manutan?

Take on the adventure! Manutan is a company with wonderful human values that will make you grow. As proof: I arrived as a temp and almost twenty years later, I’m still here.