Kevin Granado

Purchasing Manager
Manutan Group

Kevin Granado, Purchasing Manager within the Manutan group, shares his experience and development in the company, on video.

Having arrived in 2012 as an international buyer on an apprenticeship contract within the Manutan group, Kevin Granado was soon won over by the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in the company. In particular, he liked the independence given to employees, no matter their age or experience, the level of responsibility entrusted by managers who strengthen their teams and the importance placed on taking the initiative, allowing room for error.

Ever since, Kevin Granado has swiftly risen up the ranks of the Purchasing Department. After his year's apprenticeship, he was recruited as a Europe buyer, then soon became an Asia buyer, reaching the role of Purchasing Manager a little over two years ago.

Today, he wants to encourage the development of dedicated and motivated young buyers.

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