Romain Mellone

Logistics manager
Casal Sport

Internal mobility is very popular within the Manutan Group. Romain Mellone, logistics manager at Casal, talks about his career move to the subsidiary specialising in sports equipment.

Tell us about your career path at Casal...

After starting my career in construction, I joined Casal in 2015 as a temp, in goods acceptance. Then, I tried my hand at all kinds of roles: storage, replenishment, preparation of the different flows, etc. 

Three years later, I became outbound flows manager. I’ve continued to improve my skills thanks to the support from my managers and the training given on management and continuous improvement. In 2020, I was promoted to the position of logistics manager. At Manutan, there are wonderful possibilities for promotion

At Manutan, all the employees in a managerial position follow a dedicated training programme to provide them with optimal support to succeed in their role. They learn about the Manutan management framework and how to develop their managerial practices, improve their operational processes and optimise the oversight of their activity.

What is your role within the company

I ensure that the logistics chain operates smoothly, meeting stock and cross-dock* flow lead times while deploying Lean Management**. My team has 15 employees and around ten temps in peak periods. As I’m particularly interested in continuous improvement, this -belief is very well assimilated by my team. Each team member understands the benefit of this approach and its advantages. 

How do you manage your position as manager?

I stay true to myself and always prioritise my team. I like to be close to them and talk about their news or solve a problem. In my opinion, – a once weekly review is not enough - you need daily, individual contact. This open communication also proved to be essential during the pandemic. Today, my greatest pride is the strong bond I maintain with the team and the results that this achieves! We’ve gained productivity and improved quality but above all, the teams are fulfilled in their daily lives.

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*Stock: order processed from our warehouse based on the products in stock.
Cross Dock: order forwarded instantly to the supplier which sends the products gradually to our warehouse.
**To find out more about Lean Management, watch the SMART@WORK programme.