Adam Walder and Andréa Mazzucchi

Sourcing buyer and Expert Lean Six Sigma
Manutan Group

Deeply anchored in Manutan’s DNA, internal mobility is developing between the different Group entities. On 1st June 2021, Adam Walder became Group Sourcing Buyer and Andrea Mazzucchi became Group Lean Six Sigma Expert. They tell us their stories…

Adam Walder, Group Sourcing Buyer

I joined the Manutan Czech Republic Sales Department in 2007. Shortly after, I took on a dual role as Buyer and Product Manager, which a few years later turned into Purchasing Department Manager for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. 

Today, the Group purchasing strategy will focus more on Central and Eastern Europe as an alternative to our Asian sources. Within this framework, I was offered this new position. After having led the purchasing strategy for the East region for several years, working with a Group purchasing perspective was a step forward in my career. It enabled me to manage a broader supplier portfolio with a larger turnover and market share as well as to conduct negotiations for the whole Group. 

During this transition, I was especially supported by my managers and I also received precious advice from colleagues from different subsidiaries. Since my arrival in the company, I have been regularly promoted and I'm very grateful. It's clear that the Manutan group supports its employees' development.

Andrea Mazzucchi, Group Lean Six Sigma expert

I joined Manutan Italy in 2010 as Director of Operations. Over the years, my scope of intervention expanded over the Southern subsidiaries then across the whole NES (North-East-South) region.

My new role is part of the creation of a new department dedicated to customer satisfaction and efficiency*. It is this desire for transformation that led me to accept this mission, in addition to the fact that it complements my previous positions with a transversal approach that I really like. Today, my role is to drive projects across the Group by applying Lean Management techniques to optimize value for customers and minimize waste.

Since I joined the Group, I have had the opportunity to grow, both in professional and personal terms, thanks to my colleagues and the different cultures I've had the opportunity to meet in the NES region, at DREDA and in Benelux. It's rewarding to know that you are part of a talent pool and that the Group monitors our careers very closely.

Through internal transfers, the Manutan group promotes its employees' development and fulfilment. Don't hesitate to check out the in-house job opportunities across Europe! 

*Managed by Henri Adreit, Digital Transformation Director, this new department aims to improve the efficiency of our processes, to increase customer satisfaction on a Group scale.