Logan Jones and Tom Montgomery

Marketing and design
Rapid Racking

Internal mobility within the Manutan Group plays a key role in talent development. Logan Jones and Tom Montgomery tell us about their respective careers in the English subsidiary specialising in shelving and storage solutions.

Tell us about your career path at Rapid Racking…

Logan Jones: I joined the company last summer as a warehouse operator. When I found out that the marketing department was recruiting, I decided to put myself forward. I got the job on the same day! Now I’m in charge of digital marketing: SEO, email campaigns, social media, etc. 

Tom Montgomery: I joined Rapid Racking seventeen years ago, in order preparation. While I was following a career plan to discover all the departments, I had the opportunity to become deputy warehouse manager. After six years in that role, I recently achieved a long-time ambition: to join the design department. I’ve always been extremely interested in this business line, where you’re in direct contact with customers to carry out their projects. 

How were you supported in your career development? 

Logan Jones: The warehouse manager mentored me when I started the job, which enabled me to understand quickly how the company works.  The logistics teams also welcomed me and helped me throughout my journey. I even had the opportunity to obtain my forklift driving licence! In my previous professional experiences, I never had so much support and recognition. 

Tom Montgomery: my manager at the time really encouraged me in my professional development. To work in the design department, you need to have in-depth product knowledge and sales experience. This is why I’m currently on training for several months with Jonathan Morris, a sales advisor, to prepare me for the role. I’m assimilating ways to interact with customers and handle their requests... This has giving me the opportunity to understand a new working environment. And every day I’m fascinated by what I’m learning!  

Which values are particularly important to you?

Logan Jones: “At Manutan, we love Human Relations and Goodwill.” I’m lucky enough to work in a calm atmosphere, where trust, respect and solidarity reign. We know that we’re all in the same boat! If in need, I know that I can always count on my manager, colleagues and human resources. The company is keen to strengthen this friendly environment. In my opinion, these little things make the difference and have a real impact in society. 

Tom Montgomery: “At Manutan, we love Performance & Continuous Improvement.” Thanks to test & learn method, we continuously improve, questioning how we work. If you want to progress, learn and improve, the company does everything it can to help us on this path. It’s down to everyone to get motivated and take charge of their careers!

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