Elbert Plette

Logistics Manager at Kruizinga

Elbert Plette discusses his role as Logistics Manager at Kruizinga, a specialist subsidiary of the Manutan Group focusing on online distribution of storage and transportation equipment.

Elbert joined Kruizinga 14 years ago as an assistant transport planner. Several years later, he was entrusted with warehouse management in Wapenveld, Netherlands. As Logistics Manager, he oversees warehouse operations, stock management, and transportation (including special projects) throughout the facility, all while optimising processes and costs. He works closely with Mark Doosje, Director of Operations, also supervises a team of around thirty employees.

Clearly, Elbert thrives on challenges. "I thrive on new challenges every day! I love tackling issues, questioning things..." he explains. It's in this context that he is taking a closer interest in Lean Six Sigma. He recently obtained his Green Belt for the theoretical part, while his project will be completed in a few months' time. His aim: to streamline his teams' daily work and get them on board with this momentum.

With this goal in mind, he implemented team leaders. In addition to receiving specific training, these leaders receive daily coaching from Elbert himself. In just a year, he's seen clear benefits in terms of communication, autonomy, and overall efficiency.

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