Latifa Zitouni

SEM Manager
Manutan Group

Latifa Zitouni joined the Manutan Group fifteen years ago as a project manager within the Marketing Department. Today, she talks to us about her role as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager for all the Group’s subsidiaries, at the heart of the customer acquisition strategy.

A real digital marketing expert, Latifa Zitouni has three main duties: 

  • To ensure the Manutan Group’s visibility in search engines while guaranteeing that campaigns are profitable and that local budgets are met;
  • To ensure that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) are approached in a unified manner, in the subsidiaries as well, to be able to spread best practice at Group level;
  • To deploy optimisation projects at Group level to find new customers and increase the share of turnover from SEM.

According to her, this job requires three essential qualities: A strong appetite for digital technology and a perfect understanding of the different traffic acquisition channels. Proficiency in statistical analysis to draw relevant conclusions and put in place suitable action plans. Finally, creativity and anticipation: “My role is also to come up with new ideas to anticipate different needs and be a source of proposals.”

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