Nathalie Genc

Manutan France

Nathalie Genc talks to us about her job as an E-merchandiser with the Manutan Group.

As part of her Master’s degree in International Commerce at Gustave Eiffel University, Nathalie Genc spent two years on a work-study programme as an E-merchandiser with the Manutan Group. After this highly instructive experience, she joined the E-Merchandising teams permanently a year ago.
Today, her main task is to support the development of sales across all digital media, by optimising conversion and the customer buying experience. To achieve this, she works closely with various departments, including purchasing, offer marketing and the e-commerce department.

Her ultimate aim is to promote the right product, in the right place, using the right method! To do this, she is responsible for writing product offers, adapting the tree structure, managing filters, creating search pages... not to mention analysing overall sales performance in order to manage all the improvements made.

What are the three essential qualities for success in this profession? Versatility to manage a wide range of products, curiosity to be able to make suggestions and, lastly, good interpersonal skills to interact with internal and external stakeholders,” she explains.

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