Niklas Andersson

Warehouse and Replenishment Manager North
Manutan Norway

Niklas Andersson joined the Manutan Group 30 years ago. From Logistics Operator to Warehouse and Replenishment Manager for our four Nordic subsidiaries, he tells us about his career.  

What was your career path at Manutan Nord?  

When I arrived, I was in charge of deliveries for Norway. A few years later, I had the opportunity to join the supply chain as an Order coordinator, then as a Replenisher.  

Today, I wear two hats: I manage both the warehouse and replenishment for the whole Northern zone, i.e. for the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish markets. As part of this new role, I took part in a training program which enabled me to familiarise myself with our management standards and develop my practices in this area.    

What do you enjoy most in your day-to-day work?  

I like our culture of continuous improvement, at the service of our end customers. Analysing key performance indicators, questioning ourselves,  optimising the management of daily operations... This is what has guided me since my first steps in the warehouse. That's why I took two training courses on Lean Management and the 5S method. Today, I'm very proud of what we've achieved.   

I also appreciate the DNA that makes up the Manutan Group. It's a family-run business, which promotes human values such as care and respect in relationships. Working with our European colleagues is also a great learning experience. It allows us to discover other cultures, practices and methods. Over the years, I've met some wonderful people with a wide range of profiles.   

What's next for you?

We've got some wonderful projects coming up, particularly in terms of expanding our offering. We're going to continue developing our common European product catalog, capitalising on the references of our Nordic subsidiaries.  

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