Sébastien Dirié

Methods, Projects and Continuous Improvement Manager
Manutan France

Sébastien Dirié, Methods, Projects and Continuous Improvement Manager within logistics at Manutan France, tells us how he took part in one of the most significant projects in his career. 

What is your position at Manutan France?

In 2017, I joined Manutan France with responsibility for methods, projects and continuous improvement. Having already participated in two launches of logistical platforms in my career, I was eager to work on the creation of the latest generation extension of the existing warehouse, at the company's headquarters. I enjoy this type of very tangible project in which you are taking part in the construction of a building right through to its commissioning and upgrading its performance.


What was your role in this project?

My role was to fit the building out with logistical equipment at the cutting edge of technology. In particular, I participated in the selection of the building's construction firm, drafted the various specifications, coordinated consultations and also worked with the teams to fit out their workstations.

It was a cross-departmental project that involved an entire dedicated team as well as the warehouse employees. We even visited various innovative companies together to study their automated systems and their workstations. The aim was clear: to get inspiration and propose the most ergonomic working conditions possible. 


What is your assessment of this experience?

I think it is the best project that I have been entrusted with, the one in which I learnt and grew the most, and which certainly also presented the most challenges! Manutan is certainly a company that entrusts its people with great responsibility and develops the skills of its employees.

I am very proud to have taken part in this type of project. I will now focus on supporting teams in taking ownership of the Autostore® (innovative automatic storage and order preparation system) and in different areas for continuous improvement with a common goal: to serve our clients better.


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