Swan Simion

IT Cybersecurity Engineer
Manutan Group

Swan Simion, IT Cybersecurity Engineer in the Manutan Group, tells us about his job at the heart of the company’s strategic challenges. 

Swan joined the Manutan Group on a part-time work and study programme, while he was finishing his Master 2 in Information Systems Safety and Security. After graduating, he had the opportunity to continue the adventure in the company as an IT Cybersecurity Engineer.

Responsible for the security and reliability of the company's IT systems, he has three main duties:

  • Ensure the IT security of all the information systems (including workstations, servers, user accounts, messaging systems and applications);
  • Analyse and handle threats targeting information systems;
  • Define processes and action plans to counter these threats.

To him, it’s a fascinating vocation. It’s essential as changes to the world of IT require constant monitoring. You have to be up to date with the latest technologies (application, solutions, work methods, etc.) to be able to face tomorrow’s challenges.

He also reminds us the importance of real team spirit. “Security is not me, it’s not you... it’s all of us! All the departments and their employees are a link in the security chain,” he emphasises with conviction. 

The Manutan Group puts its faith in young talent, by entrusting them with duties that motivate them and place responsibility in their hands, as well as by giving them the necessary keys to progress. If you want to reveal your potential in a stimulating environment, check out our job opportunities