Willy Éparvier

DevOps engineer
Manutan Group

Willy Éparvier, DevOps engineer, talks to us about his job and everyday tasks within the Manutan Group Business Technology Division.

Willy joined the Manutan Group in spring as a DevOps engineer. Combining development and operations, this role is an essential link in the Business Technology Division. Operating in short cycles and agile mode, the DevOps engineer acts as an orchestra conductor, guaranteeing the continuous deployment of new features.

Willy explains: “I mainly take care of deploying applications made by developers (Savin’side® - our application that supports companies in optimising the long-tail spend (also referred to as class C purchases) – or our e-commerce websites’ search engine for example) while managing the resources and servers. I also take care of automating processes and carrying out tests to ensure they run smoothly.”

Because the DevOps engineer aims to de-partition the company by creating a collaborative work environment, they must have three main qualities: conscientiousness, curiosity and a sense of dialogue with all their stakeholders.

The Manutan Group is continuing to accelerate its digital transformation by carrying out innovative and ambitious projects as well as supporting its talent in their development. To join the Business Technology Division and design tomorrow’s e-commerce, check out our job opportunities