our carbon emissions

Lowering our impact on the environment, especially our greenhouse gas emissions, is one of our top priorities and includes:

Achieving dual HQE certification (High Environmental Quality) for our head office in France, which fully offsets the carbon emissions generated by its natural gas use, for example

Dual HQE certification

Improving our packaging, loading rates and supply chain (reusing suppliers' packaging, doublefloor trucks, eco-friendly last-mile transportation, etc.)

Optimised logistics

Creating a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles for our employees

Low-emission vehicles

Using a videoconferencing system for discussions with our colleagues, customers and partners, therefore cutting down on travel

Videoconferencing system

Reducing our paper use by lowering the amount of catalogues produced and distributed, and accelerating the process of digitising our transactions

Controlled paper consumption

Encouragesustainable consumption

Our support for the circular economy and the development of a responsible range of solutions contribute to creating new consumption practices:

  • Eco-labelled products and/or products made from recycled or biodegradable materials
  • New services, such as the sale of used products, rentals, upcycled furniture and auctions
  • Reuse of returned products (put back into inventory, donated or resold to third parties)
  • Selection and assessment of suppliers who incorporate CSR criteria, such as an ethical and sustainable procurement policy
  • Management and sorting of our waste (69% of our operational waste is recovered)

Supportindividual development

Encouraging individual and collective learning ensures that all employees can develop their skills, adapt and progress. In particular, they can draw strength from our:

  • Shared culture, which promotes sincerity and responsibility
  • Learning Policy, which aims to see everyone enrol for at least one course every year
  • Work environment, which has been acclaimed on several occasions by the Great Place to Work Institute, the Trophées du Bien-être et de la Qualité de Vie au Travail, etc.
  • Feedback culture for enhancing communication within the teams and improving self-confidence

Improvesocial and community inclusion

Whether through our partnerships or our actions alongside associations, we are determined to drive community development with:

Donations to the most impoverished populations (UNICEF, Save the Children, Foodbank, Cancerfonden, etc.)

Donations to the most impoverished

Assistance for young people with building their career plans (Sport dans la Ville, Mouvement pour les Jeunes et les Etudiants Entrepreneurs, etc.)

Assistance for young people

Inclusion of people with disabilities (UNAPEI, La Main Verte association, Abrona, etc.)

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Defence of our communities' economic challenges (METI, Association of Mayors in Rural France, French Federation of Sports and Culture, etc.)

Communities' economic challenges

Non-financial information statement 2022