back Photo taken on the set of the 7th Smart@Work TV show

BSMART: Manutan takes part in the 7th 'SMART@WORK' broadcast

10 December 2020

The 7th 'SMART@WORK' instalment broadcast on the BSMART television channel welcomed Xavier Laurent, Mergers and Acquisitions Director at Manutan. He discussed the issue of managing class C purchases with the other experts.


The presenter Aurélie Planeix and Xavier Laurent also welcomed:

  • Natacha Tréhan, lecturer at the Université Grenoble Alpes, researcher and expert in sourcing management.
  • Christophe Jan, Sourcing Director at Orange France, the French telecommunications company. The latter took part remotely due to the health context.


The guests looked at the definition and main challenges of class C purchases: end user satisfaction, efficiency of processes, total cost of acquisition, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc. They also recalled how these purchases contribute to 'Well-working' in companies because they play a key role in terms of the user experience, well-being and employee health and safety.



The journalist Aurélie Planeix concluded the broadcast by emphasising very accurately that "purchases that are supposedly non-strategic [...] are actually strategic."